Huawei WA1003A Wi-Fi CPE configuration

Step bye step procedure for Huawei WA1003A Wi-Fi CPE configuration

i. Open the browser and type the url

ii. Type username "admin" and password "admin" in login window.

iii. Click on Setup on menu bar and then click on PVC0 on left panel.

iv. Select the Connection Type ( in drop down menu) as PPPoE.

v. Enter your user name ( i.e. mkdas @ dataone) and password provided by BSNL and click on Apply.

huwai wireless setup

Configure Wi-Fi security ( Important)

vi. Click on ‘Advanced’ on Menu bar and select ‘Wireless Security’. Select WEP and tick the check box ‘Enable WEP security’. Enter the Encryption Key as you desire ( only hexadecimal numbers i.e. 1, 2 … 9, a, b,c,d,e,f) and click on Apply.

huwai wireless setup

vii. Now click on Tools on menu bar, select System Commands and click on Save All.

Wi-Fi Configuration in PC/Laptop

The above CPE configuration makes wi-fi secured network so no body else should be able to access Internet thorugh your connection. Hence you need to configure same WEP key in your PC/Laptop which you have entered in CPE wi-fi security configuration. For this go to the properties of Wi-Fi connection, select the tab Wireless Networks. Then select the wi-fi network name ( more than one networks may be present in your area, identify your network by SSID name which is configured in modem. Normally the CPE model name ( i.e. WA1003A) is factory default SSID setting) and click on Properties. Look for field Data Encryption and network ID, select WEP as Data Encryption and enter the network ID which you have entered in CPE configuration as Encryption Key.

Enabling DHCP on CPE:

CPE has got inbuilt DHCP server running. If you wish your PC or Laptop to get auto IP assignment from CPE. You need to just enable the DHCP in CPE. For this cleck on Setup on menu bar and select DHCP Configuration. Select the check box ‘Server On’ and click on Apply. Save the configuration. Now if you enable DHCP in your PC it will automatically get the IP address and DNS server from CPE.

Configuring Outlook Express for Dataone Email:

Open Outlook Express --> Click on Tools --> Click on Accounts --> Click on Mail --> Click on Add -- Click on Mail --> Fill - Display Name: e.g. A K Sharma --> Click on Next --> Fill - E-mail address: e.g. --> Click on Next --> Select My Incoming Mail Server is a POP3 Server -> Fill - Incoming Mail (POP3, IMAP or HTTP) Server: --> Fill Outgoing mail (SMTP) Server: --> Click on Next --> Fill - Account name: e.g. --> Un-tick Remember password --> Click on Next --> Click on Finish --> Select the Account created and Click on Properties --> Click on Servers --> Tick My Server requires authentication --> Click on Apply --> Click on OK --> Click on Close.

As shown below, the multiple phones can be connected using splitters. No phone/Fax should be connected before splitter.

 BSNL Router Connection

(1) Phone Socket (2) Phone (3) Phone (4) RJ-11 Tel Cable (5) Splitter (6) RJ-11 Tel Cable (7) RJ-11 Tel Cable (8) Phone Jack (9) MT800

Steps for troubleshooting

1. I am not able to Browse.

a) Check that ADSL line is properly connected, CPE is powered on and ADSL link LED is glowing in stable condition.

b) Check that LAN cable is properly connected to PC and LAN link LED is glowing in stable condition. If LAN LED is not stable then check that LAN cable is connected properly or replace the cable and check. In case the LAN cable is connected to LAN switch or HUB, you have to use a cross cable. If the LAN LED is still not glowing, then veify that LAN card is properly installed with suitable driver or get the help of your computer service person for doing so. If you connected USB port, verify USB port LED.

c) If all the physical installation is correct but still you are not able to browse. Then check that- i. The TCP/IP setting are configured as desired with correct gateway address and DNS server IP addresses. To verify open the DOS window and type ping it should give output ‘Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms ttl="64’.">

d) If still it is not working, then login to CPE configuration page ( through Internet Explorer.

e) Observe the information displayed on Home page. Note whether DSL status is showing as connected. Click on Status->Modem status and verify the US margin and DS margin, the values should be more than 10.

f) Click on Status->Connection status and verify that the PVC0 is in connected state and IP address is allotted. Verify the disconnect message displayed and inform BSNL.

2. I am not able to send the mails using Outlook Express.

a) Probably you have not coinfigured dataone email in your Outlook Express.

b) You have configured multiple Email accounts ( e.g. VSNL mail account) in your Outlook Express and default account for outgoing mail is other than Dataone Mail account. Some ISPs do not allow their SMTP access from network of other ISPs. Therefore you should make Dataone Mail as default account for all outgoing mails.

c) Our SMTP server needs authentication. Make sure you have ticked the ‘ My server needs authentication’ in account properties while configuring the Outlook Express.

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