How to Check Bsnl Broadband Usage Details

A Complete Step by step guide for you to understand how to Check Bsnl Broadband Usage Details.

Before go to check the Bsnl Broadband Usage Details you must have Your User Name And Password Which is Provided from Your Dataone BSNL Office, some times it referes as a portal id and password, don't confuse with portal id it is just a user name.

Note: If you haven't your user name and password then Please Contact your BSNL Office and first get your user id and password from them.

Steps to follow to check your broadband usage online.

Step 1. open and Enter you user name(or portal id) and password and clik on Log in.

How to Check Bsnl Broadband Usage Details

Step 2. Now got to the My Services tab > Click on My Usge Details

dataone usage details

Step 3. Select Service Name, Account Number and Usage Month and clik on search and you will find your Bsnl Broadband Usage Details given as below.

bsnl internet usage

If you have any query then please put in comment, i will reply you ASAP.

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shanu said...

i have tried but it shows invalid username and password

Anonymous said...

i have tryed but invalid username & password

Piyush Dungrani said...

when did you people have started you broadband connection ??

1) if you are using it since 1year then your username and password will be your PORTALID and PASSWORD
2) If you are old customer then your Username will be like your USERNAME and PASSWORD.

Here Portalid = 16 char long i guees
and password would be PASSWORD by default.

Anonymous said...

what are the exact details you show in the bill

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