Official Google Blog: Announcing Google TV: TV meets web. Web meets TV.

Official Google Blog: Announcing Google TV: TV meets web. Web meets TV.

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New Home Combo Plan with Unlimited Broadband in 625 Rs

BSNL has launched a new New Home Combo Plan with Unlimited Broadband in 625 Rupees only for HOME users today and would be available for only for Gujarat, AP and Punjab circles.

Particulars of the Home Combo 625 Plan:

Plan Name: BB Home Combo UL 625 CS1 ##
Bandwidth (Download Speed): 256 Kbps
Applicability: Home only for Gujarat, AP and Punjab circles
Monthly Charges (Rs): 625
Annual Payment Option (Rs): 6250
Download/Upload Limit (MB/ GB) per month: Unlimited
Additional Usage Charges/MB beyond free download/upload limit (Rs): Not Applicable
Night Unlimited (0200-0800 Hrs): Not Applicable
Free E-mail IDs/Space (Per E-mail ID): 1/5 MB
Static IP Address (On Request): N/A
Security Deposit: One Month charges
Minimum Hire Period: One Month
Telephone fixed monthly charges in Rs. #: NIL
Free Calls: 100
MCU charges/ pulse in Rs.: 1
Committed Period for FREE MODEM *:Not Applicable
Type of Modem $: N/A


# Security deposit for local/STD/ISD facility and installation charges as applicable shall be taken from the customer.

* The modem shall be given FREE if the customer commits for the period as shown and pays the necessary charges in advance. In that case, customer will then own the modem and will not be required the return the modem.

$ Customer eligible for ADSL Basic modem may be offered other modem types on payment of half the price. Customer eligible for ADSL WiFi Modem may be offered ADSL Basic modem (if they choose so) without any extra cost.

## This plan is circle specific plan and shall be applicable to Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Punjab Circles only.

• The rates indicated are exclusive of Service Tax, which will be charged extra as per prevailing tariff.

• Home Plans are for single user. LAN network behind modem should not be connected by the customer.

All other relevant terms and conditions as per the earlier circulars shall continue to be applicable for this plan also except that, no volume based discount will be provided.

Visit: http://bsnl.co.in/service/bbtariff/unlimited_combo_home.htm

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